On any given day, the sounds of jazz legends can be heard from my in-home studio in Jackson, Mich. For me the movement, rhythm, instruments and “color” of jazz open a portal to another world that I hope to capture in my expressionist, abstract paintings. Movement, rhythm and improvisation stimulate the senses and encourage deep engagement.

Color, texture, light, furnishings – details like original art  can transform a room, making you feel like a new person whenever you’re in it. 

Dear Jane,
Just wanted to let you know your artwork continues to inspire me and thrill me every day.  BY now, so many more friends have gotten to see it, and they FEEL it and enjoy it.  We love having such BOLD art on our wall!   THey see different instruments in the paintings, and it's so much fun to hear their take on it.
My friend Lorraine did our Christmas tree this year in colors to match the rugs and your paintings.  It was fabulous to see those new colors on a tree.
I jsut went to your site to admire your latest work. Congrats on the Crate and Barrel connection.  Your work will be selling like hotcakes if those customers have any taste!


Hello, Ms. Robinson,
I am thrilled to have received the above painting as a special birthday gift from my daughter and her boyfriend.  The minute I opened it, I knew it was from your booth at the One of a Kind Show in Chicago, where I had admired your work.
I have visited your website and am interested in the fact that you are influenced by music as you paint.  I use music in the high school art classes I teach and do a project after Wasily Kandinsky where students use line, shape and color influenced by different kinds of music.  I plan to use your work as an example of a contemporary abstract artist who uses music, too.
I was wondering if there was a title for the painting above and if it was part of a series and/or influenced by any particular music or composer?
Claudia Ericson


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